We provide a platform to banks and broker-dealers to enable centralized management of Financial Resources.

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The world’s first Financial Resource Management platform

Pleeco provides a technology platform as a service to commercial and investment banks with broker-dealer subsidiaries. The platform enables centralized management and optimization of Balance Sheet, Funding, Capital and Collateral by creating a holistic view across business functions and through interaction with other dealers. It helps achieving regulatory compliance while enhancing liquidity and improving returns.


We explore various aspects of business data to create an effective toolkit for Funding, Treasury, Financial Control, Compliance, and Business Management:

Inventory Management

Sources and uses of securities.

Funding Profile

Sources and uses of cash and capital.

Client Portfolio Analysis

Client performance metrics.

Liquidity Analysis and Stress Test

Trading book ALM. Business level contribution to stress test.

Regulatory Reporting

Resolution of the Prime Brokerage Portfolio. Liquidity monitoring reports (FED PB Metrics, 5G)

Portfolio Analysis

New client balance sheet and funding impact. Inventory optimization strategies.

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Our Technology

We use ontology-driven architecture to deliver a highly adaptable, interactive and intelligent data platform.

With the traditional IT approach, data meanings and relationships are hard-coded into application code. This means that changing the program logic or integrating data from different systems requires re-engineering of the software.

With semantic technologies, meaning is encoded separately from data and application code. This enables greater flexibility in changing or connecting applications together by merely tweaking semantic models. Since, semantic technologies rely on formal definition and categorization of concepts, it helps to analyse and communicate complex business concepts between people too.

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