Accelerate your data wokflows

The key criteria for success of analytics is the speed of data collection and translation into actionable outcomes. The gap between expectations and execution is one of the main obstacles between the technology and the business. Currents is an interactive data exploration and transformation platform designed to bridge this gap. With real-time data manipulation and immediate delivery, Currents accelerates data wokflows. So data analysts, data scientists and data engineers can collaborate together to deliver the results faster and spend less time managing the data pipeline.


A transformative data transformation platform.

Currents supports data transformations defined as a series of simple steps using full-featured SQL. Steps form a functional graph capable of continuously processing the incoming data in batch or Structured Streaming mode. Unlike other Interactive Data Transformation (IDT) systems the data in Currents is persisted (immutable) at every step and always (eventually) converge to the state defined by the graph. In addition to persistence, Currents supports versioning of the graph as well as the data at every step.

Currents functional graph

Self-Service Analytics

Transform, normalize, harmonize, partition, filter and join data in real-time.

Cross-language Transformations

Define data transformers in SQL, JavaScript (coming soon Python, R, Java).


Interface with external data sources and services for data ingestion, transformation or mapping.

Data Debugging

Track, isolate and resolve data errors during the processing

Automatic Reprocessing

Automatically trigger data reprocessing on a single step in case of failures and errors

Data Versioning

All changes to data are stored as immutable snapshots and tracked for audit and time travel.

Data Provenance

Store and manage the provenance of data using versioning of data and

Query for APIs

Run fast SQL queries on data output endpoints, including filters and aggregates.

Batch and Streaming Modes

Incremental continuous processing of incoming streaming data (structured and semi-structured form).

Data Encryption

Encrypted at rest and SSL in transit.

Metadata Analytics

Capture, analyse and monitor data processing metrics and custom metadata for better management of the data pipelines

Governance and Security

A world-class security and policy enforcement on input and output data feeds

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